Conference – AQICESH 20th anniversary


Welcome to the 20th Anniversary AQICESH Conference


You will find just bellow, the presentations

May 29 2017

9h to 10h30  Le cadre législatif

10h45 to 12h00  Dr. Amanda Kraus 

13h00 to 14h45 Dr. Amanda Kraus

Other documents from Amanda Kraus

15h à 17h  Brigitte Lavoie, M.Ps.

May 30 2017

9h00 to 12h00   Anne Comfort, Maxine Kinakin et Carolyn Christie

13h00 to 14h45   Dr. Joe Flanders, Ph.D

15h00 to 17h00 Dr Sébastien Bouchard, Ph.D.