AQICESH is an association of advisors working in the Quebec university environment, whose role is to assist students with disabilities in accessing university facilities, services and academic accommodations.


The mission of the association is to develop best practice and to support the development of professional standards and expertise within the field of disability service provision among its members.


  • To provide networking, professional development and training opportunities for members.
  • To promote accessible, equitable and inclusive postsecondary learning environments for students with disabilities.
  • To provide a platform where members can demonstrate and share their expertise and participate in opportunities to interact with all stakeholders.
  • To act as the mandated representative or ‘spokesperson' for students with disabilities within the post secondary academic community, and with government and para-governmental partners.

Website Objectives

The purpose of the AQICESH web site is to facilitate communication, to foster awareness and participation, and to help establish standards of best practice.

Historical Notes

As part of a commitment made at the Forum pour l'intégration sociale des personnes handicapées in May 1993, the Conférence des recteurs et principaux des universités du Québec (CREPUQ) adopted an overall policy pertaining to the integration and inclusion of persons with disabilities into educational communities. Although the policy was limited in scope, it provided impetus and a framework for the development of greater accessibility to education for students with disabilities.

Universities recruited advisors from a variety of professional backgrounds in order to meet new policy expectations of greater accessibility and integration for students with disabilities. With time, these advisors developed a specific and important expertise, and have taken their place as valued members and partners in the post secondary academic community, and within government programs.

In 1997, these advisors joined in forming AQICEBS. Since that time, members have worked together to clarify and to consolidate service practices and standards. Advisors continue to advocate for and to facilitate access, inclusion, development, independence and integration of students with disabilities into the post secondary academic community and into society at large.

The Association change its name to AQICESH in 2011.

Website Objectives

The purpose of the AQICESH web site is to facilitate communication, to foster awareness and participation, and to help establish standards of best practice.

On the web site, members and visitors can access information about the Association, its Board of Directors, and find related association ‘business' documents. AQICESH' and related activities are published, and contact and referral information is available, as well as relevant association and community news.

The site also provides general information to students about how to access support, accommodations and services while studying at university in Quebec.

It also offers information about adaptive technology and links to helpful resources for students with disabilities.
AQICESH members not only work in cooperation with various government and para-governmental partners, but also with their colleagues in the Canadian university and college network.

AQICESH believes that it is essential to be part of the national and international education and disability service community as a way of sharing knowledge and promoting rights and inclusion in education for those with disabilities.

This site is also aimed at all stakeholders working with individuals with disabilities.